Myrdinn Lockhart

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All accounts cancelled September 15, 2009 on news of Kauri's planned demise on October 15, 2009.

(Order of creation for mine)
Myrdinn Lockhart. CL90 Elder Jedi. Master Pilot (all nine professions).
Duo Lockhart: CL90 Officer. (2222)
Cernunnos Lockhart: CL90 Bounty Hunter. Master Pilot.
DeadMeat Jones: Smuggler. Liked the idea, but wasn't appealing on the eyes as a dancer. Passed on, Aine replaced him.
Eircheard Lockhart: Master Engineer. L90. Pilot in training. (2222)
Aine: Master Domestics Trader. L90.
-Post CU-
(see inherited characters below)
-Post NGE-
Faolan Lockhart: CL90 Smuggler. Pilot in training (4433).
Caitlin Lockhart: Master Entertainer. L90.
Gowan Lockhart: Master Structures. L90.
Aonghus: Master Munitions. L90.
-Post CU Inherited- (Inactive)
Phaere Raslin. Level 80 BH, imperial.
Darsha Raslin. Level... 90? Master? architect.

-Post NGE Inherited/Created- (also inactive)
Two Raslins. One NGE Jedi, one... ?

Two versions of Myrdinn prior to figuring out what the skill trees REALLY meant during the days of leaving corpses..