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First character on the first account. (Well, primary character on the first account. Had a couple of Myrdinns during the corpse-leaving days, before I figured out skill boxes mean I can actually change without making a new toon!!!)

Biography: First aspect of the Lockhart clan, Myrdinn started his walk as a scout, a searcher, one who wanted to walk everywhere he could, and reach every star in the sky. Eventually, after a long road of many professions, he discovered he had a potential that he hadn't thought of previously and started his walk as a Jedi (post 9, pre-CU unlock).
(Side note: between everything Myrdinn mastered, and what I had mastered on the other toons, only profession that was not mastered was Bio-Engineer. Left that for Merd, as it was his dream. Many, many of them mastered several times... except Politician. ONCE is enough for that one.)

Hometown: Tyrena

Ships: The Heavy X-Wing Serenity's Sword, the Heavy X-Wing Serenity's Miner, the Eta-2 Actis Serenity's Cutlass, the YT-2400 Sanctum's Teeth, the Y-8 Mining Vessel Sanctum's Hold, and the Sorosuub Yacht Sanctum.

Planets lived on: Corellia, Tatoonie, Lok, Corellia (again), Dantoonie, Corellia and Dantoonie (third location on Corellia, second Dantoonie).
Current citizenry status: Militia of New Corona outside of Tyrena, Corellia (Kauri). Hunting/training lodge on Dantoonie.
Current Faction: Rebel now and forever (was temporarily Imperial to look up base timings in the past... and to net patches once the patches came out). Reached Colonel under the old factional system the hard way.

Total number of Padawans who finished to Knighthood or full-template: Six, not including the cousin.

Stood strong as of September 15, 2009 shutdown on Kaurian citizens.

Game turning points:

  • Starting in Tyrena. Nine starter cities, this one has something to do with shipbuilding, if I remember correctly. Picking this one.
  • Big thanks to Seta Lightmist for getting me started!
  • And, great thanks to Icke Mad (Olcho), another friend who kept me alive, in the early days!
  • Combat Medic Alexia, minefield, and why we won't ever play nice with imperials. December 2nd, 2003.
  • December 3rd, 2003. Found the forums, reading up on the exploit Alexia Runningsky used to TEF/grief me. CSRs not helpful in explaining the situation.
  • Phaere, Darsha, Durga, Alex, Merd and I planned DuneStalker Plains. December 2nd, 2003 (established it on the 9th).
  • Phaere Raslin, thanks for everything! (P-III days)
  • First friend to leave game: the smuggler/tkm Volk. TK sounds like an interesting skillset.
  • First city ban: was shopping in the Stronghold of Bane. Darn imps, always a problem.
  • CSR spawned a series of ATSTs (saw nine or ten before sent to the cloner) on us in a PVP fight down on Tat, system messages and everything. NOT a live event. Apparently, imperials are to win every engagement, every time, no exceptions. SOE might not be a good set of folks.
  • Holocron mentioned Armorsmith, January 4th, 2004... hrm, was already working on that.
  • (Sometime in) January, 2004: CSR changed Merd's name to "Merci." Fun times, took a few days before they allowed him to settle on "Merdin." Apparently, they don't know Myrddin=Myrdinn=Merd=Merlin. Or, in other words, Welsh Formal=Gaelic Informal=Anglo-Saxon Formal=Modern English incorrect spelling!
  • *Finally* mastered Armorsmith on January 25th, 2004. Been selling holos to keep Dunestalker Plains going... maybe now armor sells will take the load!
  • Holocron mentioned TK, January 25th. Interesting, that.
  • Jedi general grind began, January 25th. Not worried about forcing it, but using the holos to generally guide character experimentation.
  • February 2004, left for a little while to do beta for CoH.
  • April 13th, 2004 returned to SWG. Holocron says Doc... good thing I'm only two boxes away! Need AP.
  • April 14th, too much of Dunestalker Plains is in debt; was unable to save all of it. Repacking the repacked, City Hall has 3k left. Considering moving to a cheaper planet. Merd (now Merdin) came back, hours after his big house popped. Phaere looks to be staying in CoH.
  • September 3rd, blew *all* my free xp due to not reading the forum warnings and trusting SOE. Gar. Starting the xp conversion grind. WILL actually pay attention to the forums from now on.
  • Myobi, Merdin and I move to Corellia. Big thanks to Myobi who planted a house so we could actually move off Lok. Formed the manor. While moving, mess of people from a nearby town drove through while placing houses. Looks like we have neighbors.
  • BIG thanks to Diona, Kerbal, Boe Aosr'Fey, Severan, Maapil Siirupe, and Merdin England for one heck of a hand with Mellichae, on 1/17/2005 at 22:57:30.
    Merdin and I had taken care of all but Mellichae and the the other big HAM. Asked Diona for help, she brought the cavalry.
    Boe Aosr'Fey welcomed me into Padawan with the normal and traditional new Padawan salute: slap across the face! Heh, guess I had to have been a masochist to want this!
  • Discovered Jedi trainer is in Kaadara, bounty hunter central. WTH!? 1/18/2005. Scout trainer. Interesting as all the Myrdinns started as a scout.
  • Hit DBLS IV on 2/20/2005 at 02:15:15. Thanks to Marii, Iekada, Ride, Kerbal, Diona, Ride, Silke, Snipe, Bilbo, and, all of Sun and JFKI for the trip and a half since Mellichae!
  • Assigned general training of "younger" padawans by Marii, joined the Kerbal channel in vent for training others. Kerbal, Ebonfire, and GoldenAdder are the other three instructors (Ebonfire looks to be the closest to a full template). Can't nail down Zell long enough for him to join the channel as a trainer.
  • Finished template: 23:36:09 5-22-2005. Thanks to SUN/JFKI for all the help...
    First non-npc trainer: Kerbal (Lightsaber). Last non-npc trainer: Taurine Du-Quai (enhancer, hope he finishes his template soon). Honorable fellows, good players. Note: did not use the box-trade in to force level (should not have taken a month off for work, dag burn it!). Gar, fell behind some of the younger paddies; that CU spin group is a dangerous thing for vis, and I am NOT changing my template *again.*
    Template: Master of the Lightsaber, Master of Defense, Enhancer 2000, Healer 3000.
  • JFKI (Just Friends Killing Imperials) renamed to FAIR (Friends Against Imperial Rule). Silke's motion passed amongst the guild.
  • Member of the Sun/FAIR PvP Jedi squad 5-24-2005 17:52:02. MLS+MDef, Enh 2000, Healer 3000. Ebonfire formally inducted, new PvP blacks with melee/ranged def mods. Total of five of us are finished Jedi and are on the squad. (180 members of JFKI/FAIR and Sun, we have six paddies at the moment)
  • First PvP city ban: Mos Krayt. Hey, we were only there for three bases. Oh, well. Went to wearing whites when possible, makes me a better target; I am better at blocking than the non-MDef or normal stackers.
  • May 29th, first BH group came for my mission (three BHs). Long fight, didn't lose! Incapped him, took too long to finish the kill, incapped me, all three walked away. Good sports, I suppose, need to figure out French.
  • Started the JFKI/FAIR and Sun Memorial Hall (June 1st, 2005). Started collecting robes for each player Jedi we are losing (normal players already recognized in the town museum). Losing folks due to CU... losing about two folks a week. Total of sixteen at this point, total of thirty-three toons in town. I want to remember all the Jedi (at least the ones I train).
  • FINALLY hit master pilot (I was a preorder and beta member for JTL) on June 4th, 2005 23:58:17 Thanks to Ride, Warlok, Ebonfire, JayJen, Arne, and Black-Wolf! (Tyrena's Havoc squadron, Rebel) Had too many distractions!
  • Hit it again 22:00:15 on June 21st, 2005. Thanks to Omabe, Black-Wolf, Taurine, Earljack, and Merdin. (freelance pilot, Smuggler Alliance)
  • Ug. NGE hit (November 15, 2005). Loaded in... can't even kill a lowbie critter on Endor. Losing a lot of people. Had 108 on NGE launch date in town (population height was pushing 190 *players* at one point). Looks like I'll have to expand off the main stage in the Memorial Hall (generic guild hall tasked for this).
  • NGE CL90 Finished: 12-11-05 4:53 pm. Maybe twenty players are actually left, combined in both guilds.
  • First Old Republic Light Saber (2h): Ulic, Bilbo, and Merdin 4-19-06, 9:41pm
  • FAIR and Sun merged into FAIR-Sun.
  • September 12th, 2006, went to the Vanguard Beta. Trying to get the other guys in.
  • Mastered all nine piloting professions (2007)
    Thanks WDL/AR/FAIR-Sun
  • Returned to Kauri, splitting time with Vanguard, November 2008. Attempting to rebuild server and community population.
  • Big thanks to WDL (AR and WDL merged a few months ago) and FAIR-Sun for the fifth generation one handed lightsaber quest (December, 2008)
  • Cancelled all accounts due to the planned deletion of the Kauri server, September 15, 2009. SOE... pog ma hol.
    Memorial Hall robe count (number of Jedi): 35. Of the thirty-five, one was a reformed Imp, one was nearly reformed, three betrayed us during the counter-rebellion, and the other thirty were strong whilst here. Thirty-two in all who stayed true, we were proud.