Duo Lockhart

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First character on the second account. Currently a master squad leader/officer. (May return to commando).

Biography: Originally, he was a tailor and a droid engineer... until, one day, a bounty hunter from the Empire smashed his shop looking for his brother, Myrdinn. Duo then picked up a pistol, and mastered the use of that weapon as a pistoleer first, and then as a bounty hunter (CU he was a pistoleer with the BH pistol tree and BH investigation tree, NGE turned him MBH, until the officer pistoleer expertise was released). For a brief while he even tried commando (during the commando expertise), but settled for the regular pace as an officer and returned to his beloved pistols.

Back story explanation: Duo was my tailor/DE (always had an armorsmith and I liked droids) for a while during the last pre-CU and early CU days. One day, made a backpack (for storage) for Myrdinn... left it hanging in the crafting hut I used for Duo. While crafting, someone sent in three different bomb droids, all targeting the backpack. I didn't want the backpack to be confused with the others in there, and had labeled it "myrdinn." Thus, the bomb droids targeted the backpack, confusing it with the character "Myrdinn" and blew up all over the shop. Went outside, saw a blue dot receding in the distance, and thought it was time for a change for that character.

He fights as dirty as he can (which isn't much or well)... but he'll keep going as long as there is at least one clone of him left.
Motto: "Slaughter, Kill, Maim, Destroy."
Quotes: "$#@$ CU. $#@$ NGE."

Hometown: Tyrena.

Planets lived on: Tatoonie, Lok, Corellia, Dantoonie, Corellia (second location on Corellia).
Current citizenry status: Citizen of New Corona outside of Tyrena, Corellia (Kauri).
Current Faction: Rebel.