Cernunnos Lockhart

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First character on the third account. Currently a master bounty hunter.

Currently, he wields his brother's favorite ship in space: the Krayt figher known as Caliburn. (Passed Myrdinn's favorite neutral fighter on to Cernunnos when the Heavy X-Wings came out, and switched Myrdinn back to a full rebel pilot)

Biography: The third aspect of the Lockharts (as all Gaelic folk know, we like things in threes...), Cernunnos is the Hunter, the Killer of the House. A Bounty Hunter, I shall protect my clan and house. We are also friends to all Wookiees, of all kinds (excepting imp ones).

Ships: the M22-T Krayt Caliburn, the Belbullab-22 Miner's Pick, and the YT1300.Axe.

Hometown: Tyrena (out of tradition of Myrdinn and Duo, at the point of this account being created, we had just settled on Lok).

Planets lived on: Lok, Naboo (BH grind), Corellia, Dantoonie, Corellia (second location).
Current citizen status: Citizen of New Corona outside of Tyrena, Corellia (Kauri).
Current Faction:
Marginally Rebel. Has a distant history of imperial faction (spy during 2005).

Game turning points:

  • Created to avenge Myrdinn's mistreatment by a character named Alexia (he was an armorsmith at the time, and she used a minefield and combat medic techniques to keep him in a minefield, to try to get his friends to accept a duel whilst Myrdinn and company were trying to create a town on the opening of cities in SWG).
  • Mastered both Ranger and BH within the same month in 2005.
  • Master CH whilst dropping BH.
  • Regained BH (grr, investigation tree *again*... had vehicles this time)
  • Mastered pilot on 21:58:24, November 7, 2006. Hey, I piloted on the main! (this account was ALSO a JTL beta accnt)