Aine (Lockhart)

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First permanent character on the fourth account. Currently a master domestics crafter, ex-master entertainer. 


Hometown: Mos Espa (in honor of where P-III was originally before forming Dunestalker Plains on Lok).

Planets lived on: Lok, Naboo (safehouse for Myrdinn... his Jedi trainer was IN Kaadara, bounty hunter central), Corellia.
Current citizenry status: Citizen of New Corona outside of Tyrena, Corellia (Kauri).
Current Faction: Rebel, masqueraded as Imperial in the past.

Game turning points:

  • Replaced Deadmeat Jones. He simply wasn't appealing as a dancer, but did an okay job as a smuggler. Will have to create another smuggler, but I need an entertainer to spy in cantinas. Created out of recognition that Phaere (first good imperial, good friend) was a dancer at one point, and Darsha (Phaere's second account and Phaere's sister's account.) is a Twi'lek. Thus, Aine is a Twi'lek Entertainer. (plus, good cover for a safe house; who would suspect an entertainer's house? Dag burn Jedi trainer NPC is IN Kaadara!)
  • Changed to a crafting profession in NGE. "Iconic" has left a bad taste, and I don't want any toon of mine to be too "Iconic."